Tania and Joe | Omni Parker House Wedding, Boston, MA

Tania and Joe were married the first weekend in October and leading up to their day the weather was looking a bit questionable! Hurricane Joaquin was on it’s way and it was looking like we were going to get a bit of the outskirts of it!  Tania and I talked about back-up plans if the rain set in BUT the best new is that we never needed them! Amazingly, the rain held off! It was definitely a bit chilly for October (and a bit windy as you will see later:), but we made it all work:)!

My day started at Tania’s family’s home that was filled with a bunch of happy ladies (and her dad:)! I started with the details in the bedroom that actually belongs to Tania – it doesn’t get more personal than that:)!!A quiet moment reading a letter from Joe…
Then time to get the dress on with her sister’s help:)Tania made a grand entrance and shared a special moment with her parents and bridal party…A quick toast now that everyone was ready:)
While I was with Tania, my friend and fellow photographer, Sharon Reiley of Bittersweet Books had joined the guys on the party bus on the way to the church!Sharon captured their time getting pinned and of Joe opening his gift from Tania!

 I am in love with Joe’s grandmother:)! She is the sweetest little lady and although she claims to not like to be photographed, she made the cutest expressions in all of the photos that she was a part of!
Back at the house, the girls wrapped up their time there with some photos in front before getting on the party bus that had now arrived to get us:)!When we arrived at the church, we were actually early and guests were arriving:)!When it was time, Tania and her family made their way around to the back doors of the church….Then it was time for the ceremony to begin:)
St. Leonard’s is just gorgeous!I love this part of the day – everyone is always so happy coming back down the isle as husband and wife:)!Sharon went upstairs for the perfect angle of the recessional!Whoo-hoo:)!!  The new Mr. and Mrs.:)!!  The rain held off and we were able to walk across the street to our first stop for some photos:)!
As the bridal party made their way back to the party bus, we wrapped up with a couple of quiet moment alone!
A little celebratory toast before getting back on the party bus for our next stop!When we arrived at Columbus Park we were shocked to find out just how windy it was from Joaquin:)!  I included this photo below just so you could see the dresses, veils and body language!! It was quite the challenge for us!! My voice was whipping sideways and even though I was screaming they couldn’t even hear me – it was quite crazy but we made it through it:)!!I haven’t mentioned how much I love these green covered arches – but I do:)!! It photographs so beautifully (and this beautiful couple and bridal party have a bit to do with that too;)When we arrived at the Omni Parker House, the three of us made a quick stop across the street at Old City Hall…Then we headed back to the Omni Parker House for cocktail hour:)!The wind was still whipping and it led to some fun veil shots before we went inside:)!Look at that veil – I have never seen anything like it – even on the beach:)!!Inside the Omni Parker House, the room was set up and the guests were enjoying a few drinks and apps:)!At the end of cocktail, we grabbed a few photos in front of THE elevator door – just gorgeous!Tania and Joe’s videographer put together a seven minute video that included photos from childhood through their engagement and also clips of them getting ready and of their ceremony! After the families and bridal parties were announced, they showed the video and then Tania and Joe entered when it was over:)!Great shot by Sharon:)!!Speeches, toasts and a blessing were given by Tania’s family and the best man and MOH’s:)!The toasts ended with a surprise flash mob by their bridal party!After dinner, the dance floor was opened and it remained packed for the whole night!! 

Tania’s DJ’s brought these!  So much fun and definitely enhanced the party:)!!

This happened:)!And then this happened:)!!In the last minutes of the reception we snuck outside for a few night shots – love:)!Tania and Joe – Congratulations!! I am so happy for the two of you! Can’t wait to see pictures from your honeymoon:)!!

**Tania and Joe’s info is to come:)!**