Jill & Dustin | Boston Engagement Photographer

Jill and Dustin are getting married next June and we just met up to do some engagement photos! They chose Boston as the backdrop for their session and it is definitely one of my favorites too:)! They had chosen their date many weeks ago and as it neared we were excited to see that the weather was going to cooperate! We had  beautiful day! We spent our time chatting about Boston, about plans for their day and about the weddings that they have been in and attended this year – they are a busy couple:)!!

Take a peek below at our time together:)!

Jill and Dustin – I had a fantastic time with the two of you!  I look forward to next year when your day arrives – it will be here before you know it!!
Together since | February 13, 2010
Engaged since | Last Halloween! October 31, 2014
Getting Married | June 17th, 2016
Wedding Location | Danvers, MA
His Occupation | Engineer    Originally from | Sudbury, MA
Her Occupation | Home Furnishings Designer  Originally From | East Syracuse, NY
How did we meet… As told by Jill | When I first moved to Massachusetts, I was living with some family friends in Sudbury.  One Friday afternoon, I pulled into the local liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine. The first thing I notice is this really good looking and very friendly guy in the wine section. After that night I went back, once a week, asking the most obscure wine questions just so I could talk to him.  Questions like “What is the best wine to go with Mexican food?” The friend whom I was living with soon caught wind of the “cute wine guy” and boldly asked his manager if he was seeing anyone. Upon hearing that he was not taken, she mentioned that she knew someone who was interested. She was so excited, but I was mortified!  Much to my relief, the next time I showed up at the store he finally asked me out.  Our first date was filled amazing food, wine, laughter, and conversation.  I knew, that night, we were meant to be.