Wendy & Greg | MA engagement photographer

Last week I met Wendy and Greg at a park that I had never been to before and let me tell you that it was gorgeous!! I love being introduced to new spots and an engagement session is a perfect time to explore:)!!

Our session had been penciled in for months and as it arrived, I couldn’t believe how it worked out – it couldn’t have been a better day – not too chilly and gorgeous sun!

Wendy and Greg are two of the most fabulous people – so kind and sweet! They come from a line of other fantastic couples that I have worked with too! I absolutely LOVE when I get referred down a line of friends! It all started all the way back to 2012 with Kristen and Mike’s wedding, then Kristen’s brother married Christine in 2014, and then this year with Chris and Jen and now Wendy and Greg in 2016! Absolutely fantastic!

Take a peek below at our time together…
Wendy and Greg – I look forward to next October! The foliage should be just as beautiful and hopefully the weather will be too:)!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your story and for just being awesome:)!

Together since | November 14th 2013 ( We started talking before then but that is the “official” date!)

Engaged on | Monday April 6th 2015

Getting married | Saturday October 22, 2016

Wedding location | Chocksett Inn in Sterling Ma

Her occupation  |   Registered Nurse        Originally from | Northbridge MA

His occupation |    IT Network Administrator          Originally from | Worcester MA (Born in Portland Oregon but moved back to MA as a toddler- his family is all from Mass)

How did you meet…as told by Wendy | We met on eharmony! I “smiled” at him first 😉
How did he propose | He Proposed at home when I came back from a trip to Nashville (was there as a bridesmaid for my friends destination wedding). Not the most romantic story however was perfect for us! I was carrying laundry downstairs and turned around to see him there with a ring. I honestly don’t remember what was said because I was in shock! I do remember asking “what are you doing, what are you doing then crying.”