Laura and Jay | Boston Wedding Photographer

Just about two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Laura and Jay’s wedding!

We started at a salon for hair and make-up…All of Laura’s girls were there, along with her mother and mother-in-law to be (and a few additional family members!)! The salon was enormous! 


Laura’s mother is in the chair on the right. She is getting her make-up done, while a couple of Laura’s friend’s look on…


Back at the Quincy Marriott, the girls got ready while I scooted over to Jay’s room to capture some guy moments! They were watching a soccer game and eating a quick lunch! Jay was quick to start getting ready…I think he was masking a little nervous energy!! 


Once we collected all of the guys, we were ready for some pictures…There was a little break in the rain and we were able to do all of the groomsmen pictures outdoors…It ended up being the only time we spent outdoors all day!


When I returned, Laura got on her dress and all of the final details!



Love the detail on these shoes!


Seriously a stunning bride…I have SO many of Laura that I would have loved to include, but I settled on this one!! I always like to include a variety of images from the day in the preview!


I know that I said that Laura was a beautiful bride, but take a look at this bridal party….The entire group was gorgeous!! We spent our pre-formals time in the hotel room…this was one of the quick shots that we took to do something a little more creative in the tight space!


The ceremony…



Due to the rain, we actually grabbed a few pictures in the church and also ended up doing our family formals there too!


The reception took place at the Venezia in Quincy…A beautiful location with a great veiw!!



The bridal party entered in pairs, and each pair came in doing something a little different….so much fun!!


When the rain finally stopped, it was around 9pm and the reception was in full-swing!  I just HAD to get a couple more pictures of Laura and Jay, so I stole them away and brought them out to the deck!! So glad that I did!!


The girls were dancers…they never left the floor the whole night (well, maybe to get another drink!)!



I will end the post with one last image from the end of the night….Congratulations Laura and Jay!! Thank you for allowing me to spend the day with you!! Your families and friends are fabulous!!