Julie & David | Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

Julie and David were married on June 19th at the Corsair and Cross Rip. They had a beautiful day for their outdoor wedding….not too hot but very sunny with an ocean breeze! David, the groom, is originally from Australia. Many of his groomsmen made the long trip over for the wedding, along with his mother, his sister and her family. I spent the day enjoying the Australian accents and some of the unique terms that we don’t commonly use!

Julie spent the late morning, and early afternoon, getting ready with her girls… 


A little dress help from Julie’s sister – Alison….


and a little bowtie help from David’s sister – Alison!


A view from above during the ceremony….compliment of Sharon Reiley, my second shooter!


I love the walking pictures, and this location and this bridal party lent itself to a ton of great walking pictures! 


Something a little different…



Julie’s veil kept giving us some trouble…the wind was somehow twisting it over and over again right at the clip…but at this point, it was cooperating…really well!!





A couple of my favorites…


A couple of details…


One of the best first dances that I have seen…old school glam!!


 When attempting an Australian group shot, we ended up with this “out-take”~


Julie’s mom, was one of the first people on the dance floor!! She is so much fun!


David’s mom hardly left the dance floor! She danced with almost everyone, even though she was meeting most of the people for the first time…a social butterfly!


There was a little dance off between this gentleman and David’s nephew…They both did a great job, but I had to include this one because the facial expression is priceless!94_MG_7397blog

During one of the last songs of the night, Julie and her brother did a little dance together…It definitely appeared that they had done this dance before, but I never got the full story on it!! I was in a constant smile behind my camera as I watched it!98IMG_4841blog

One of the last pictures of the night….


Congratulations Julie and David….a beautiful day for a beautiful couple (inside and out!)…