Katie & Ross | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

The last few weeks have been the craziest weeks of my life…both professionally and personally. I entered October, knowing that it was going to be a whirlwind professionally, but was completely taken off-guard on the personal front.  After just finishing up a wedding one night, I found out that my father was in ICU down in Naples, Florida. I was luckily able to reschedule a couple of things so that I could quickly grab a flight to go down and be with my family. The great news is that my father is now doing well, he is back at home and he is even able to come up for my son’s birthday at the end of this month!

I mentioned this because it all ties into Katie and Ross…They had their engagement session, just a couple of days before my world was turned upside down! I wasn’t able to get up their preview before my unexpected trip, and now I am just about done with their whole gallery! They were so sweet and understanding about my situation, and I just wanted to publicly say thank you to them!! It fits their personality perfectly though…They are both so happy and easy going and oh-so adorable together! Katie never stops smiling…I absolutley love her smile and her happy giggle!

Katie and Ross…enjoy your preview today! I will have your gallery for you by tomorrow!






I look forward to February….It will be here before you know it…I am already feeling the chill in the air now!