Sarah & Guy | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Guy are engaged and have set the date for next July 2011.  I am happy to say that I am their photographer!! Sarah and I met in 5th grade (where we shared the job of teacher’s pet) and quickly became good friends. I can honestly say that she was one of my best friends for many years…to the point that when my 92 year old grandmother passed away, she was still asking if I knew how Sarah was doing!! When I sat down with Sarah and Guy, we did a bit of reminiscing and I was happy to find out that we shared the same memory…there hadn’t been any major event between us, but we seemed to have just taken slightly different paths. If you fast forward 10 years (okay…maybe a few more), Facebook enters the picture and we are reunited!! Sarah has always been so sweet to compliment my work and when she got engaged, I was so excited to get the message that she wanted an engagment session! I was excited to meet Guy in person and even more excited when they finalized their wedding plans and decided to book me as their photographer!

They are fantastic together and Guy is trully a great guy!! We did a mix of pictures at their session…Starting in a bit more “formal” attire around the park and then transitioning into the Harley attire for some bike shots! Here is an overview of our time together…


I got a bunch of mirror shots and even a reflection shot below! Sarah could TOTALLY be a model…she was fabulous throughout the whole session, but really shined during our Harley time…I was so impressed!! She is a gorgeous “biker chick”!


I was so excited that the Harley was red, and then I chose a bunch of black and whites for the preview!! I decided to leave you with a couple color shots that show off the gorgeous bike and the gorgeous Sarah in it’s reflection!


Sarah and Guy, I had a fabulous time with the two of you…We were together for quite a while, and if I didn’t need to get home to my little muchkins, I would have joined you for dinner…just to talk some more!! I can’t wait for your wedding…Congrats to the both of you…so happy for you!!