Stephanie & John | Massachusetts Engagement Photographer

Stephanie and John are getting married this New Year’s Eve and let me tell you that their engagement session was a little test for us!! Right when we got out of the car, the rain started and a COLD front came through! We tried to take cover but actually got caught in the rain! Luckily, the rain stopped and we were able to continue with our session…shivering almost the whole time!  Stephanie kept saying, “I need to toughen up” and I know that I definitely do too! We plan to take a few outdoor pictures in the city, and I am sure that it will be even colder out by then…but at least we won’t be wet!!

This was one of the first pictures of the day as we were running back for cover…It is actually one of my favorites!


The session took place at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline. It was a suggestion from Stephanie and John and it was a good one!! I will suggest it to future clients too! It had fall folliage, fabulous trees, a little red school house, and a bridge…and that was just the part that we explored! I spotted even more possibilities as I drove out of the park!


Stephanie and John were really drawn to the bridge and the trees…







Our last stop was the little red schoolhouse!


Stephanie and John, thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding…and another big thank you to Bev and Lindsey for passing me along! I know that it is going to be another fabulous party with the “P” family invited!!