Amy & Adam | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Amy and Adam are just about to wrap up their honeymoon, and I thought it would be a fun treat to come home to a preview!! They enjoyed a beautiful day for their May wedding, and everything went so smoothly!


I love these two pictures and they go so perfectly together! As Amy was getting her make-up done, her flower girl, Emma, looked on…Emma was FANTASTIC from the moment she arrived! She couldn’t wait to get her hair and make-up done, like the grown-ups! Emma was a special member of the bridal party because Amy had been her babysitter since she was just a baby….she is now six years old!!


Love this expression!


A quick picture of Adam as he got ready (in a different location!)…


The ceremony and reception were at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater, MA…The ceremony was a bit windy! I have quite a few pictures of the groomsmen attempting to roll out the white “carpet” for Amy and her dad….The wind just happened to be really blowing at that point and it was not cooperating!!


The bridal party…


After all of the bridal party shots, we headed a few feet away to a quieter spot for some “formals” of Amy and Adam…


I loved the fence and the trees….There are so many that I wanted to share, but I tried to narrow it down!!




I have to say that this cake topper is one of my favorites! It is the second time that I have seen the initials used and I am in love with it everytime!


During the parent dances, there was a range of emotions!! There was a slide-show projected onto the wall showing pictures of them growing up! There were happy laughs and a few emotional tears…a nice added detail!!


During dinner we tried to sneak outside for some sunset pictures….although it was a bit cloudy, I loved the extra time with Amy and Adam, and it was a fantastic new location for a few more pictures!!


I will leave you with something that I had been looking forward to since I met with Amy and Adam!! During their first dance, they shocked their guests with a choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s song Beat it!! They started their first dance with about 60 seconds of a traditional slow song….then, the DJ asked the bridal party to join in. Within the first 20 seconds of the whole group dancing, the music came to a sudden and screeching halt….They all pretended that there was something wrong with the DJ/music but the real story was that they were in on it! The guests were wondering what was going on, until Beat It started and they started their dance!! They did a great job, from what I could see through my lens, but I do hope to see it on video one day, so that I can trully enjoy it!!


Amy and Adam, thank you for choosing me to be a part of your day…I loved every minute of my time with you…from our meetings, to the engagement session and of course on your wedding day!!