Liz and Glen | Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Last weekend Liz and Glenn were married at St. Martin’s in Providence, RI. The day started off with weather that definitely didn’t seem to be cooperating…and by the way the rain was coming down, it definitely didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! I went running into the hotel using a big umbrella and carrying another in case Liz needed it! The forecast seemed dim, but I never stopped my postitive thinking and it totally paid off!! When it was time to head to the ceremony, the skies were blue with white puffy clouds and there was almost no sign of the rain, thunder and lightning that had been happenening just hours before!! It was the perfect way to get some “good-luck” rain on your wedding day without it trully interfering with the day!!

Liz and Glenn had spent countless hours planning every detail of their wedding, and everything suited them so perfectly! Liz is from New Jersey originally, and Glenn is from Rhode Island…They met while attending URI, and as Liz put it, she fell in love with the city of Providence…and with Glenn! Due to all of the traveling that many of the guests had to do, they hired a coach bus to take their guests from the Renaissance Hotel to the church, then to the reception at the Roger Williams Park Casino, and then back to the hotel at the end of the night. They had a trolley for the bridal party’s transportation during the day, and then on top of that, they were offered a Rolls Royce by one of the guests….and who can pass up a Rolls Royce!! Unbelieveable!  When I loaded in my cards, I seriously got giddy!!! I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED every minute of the day!!


This was the VIEW of the State Capital Building DIRECTLY out the window! I think this picture is so cool…not JUST because it is a silhouette but because Glenn’s brother is an art teacher and he had created silhouette’s of Liz and Glenn that were framed and displayed at the reception….Liz’s silhouette didn’t have the curlers (or the champagne!) of course, but it looked just like this profile!!



I love the picture of Liz at the window…I have several versions of it….versions that look bright and sunny, like this one here, and also versions where the Capital Building is peeking through!


The ceremony with Reverend Clare…The bridal party had their own pews directly on the altar!


One of Liz and Glenn’s requests was to have a grand exit with all of their friends and family surrounding them…the weather totally cooperated and we were able to get a bunch of different shots of this!! YAY!!


This is the Temple of Music….I LOVE this picture!! The funny thing is that I actually took my own wedding formals at this spot too!! It brings back such happy memories!!!


I know that I keep saying this, but I think these next two pictures are two of my favorite bridal pictures to date!! Those eyes are AMAZING!!


Some “formals” of the happy couple!! On the top two, I was aiming for a picture like the one on the left.  The wind was great and I wanted the veil blowing. The one on the right I will call fabulous timing!! The wind changed directions and blew the veil across their faces while kissing…beautiful!!


I had to include a couple pictures with the Rolls Royce…there are a bunch to choose from!!


After the formals, I followed them up to the Casino….I snapped this image through my windshield as I was driving!! I think the dirt road suits the Rolls Royce perfectly….It makes it look like this picture could have been taken many years ago…so cool!!


Liz and Glenn were able to enjoy a few minutes of their cocktail hour downstairs, and I was able to sneak upstairs for some detail pictures…Although the shoes don’t look like they go with the rest of  these images, I just HAD to include them…while I was upstairs, the guys had changed shoes! I was so surprised when they made their entrance!! 


This is an image from their first dance…


The remaining images are from their reception…Liz and Glenn clearly share a strong bond…they look at each other in such a loving and adoring way (I know that sounds a bit sappy, but it is totally true!)…You can see it in a few images here, and they will see it in oh-so-many more that will be in their gallery!!


These few images do not even come CLOSE to showing the wild and crazy party that they had…The dance floor was PACKED the whole night! The building was built in the 1800’s and honestly, I was a bit worried that the floor was going to collapse….I could feel it moving!! They actually ended the night with a fun fast song…something about lobstah (sorry guys, I can’t remember the name right now!!)….Seriously crazy! They did come together at the end and I snapped a few images of their final kiss and dip!


 Liz and Glenn, thank you for choosing me to photograph your FABULOUS day!! I will be talking about it for months to come!!