Kathryne & Scott | Newport, RI Engagement Session

These two awesome people are currently Nashville residents and traveled back to meet me for their engagement session:) I had the pleasure of meeting with them before their big move, and couldn’t wait to hear how it was going! We had the date booked for their engagement session for months in advance and it turned out to be a perfect day on our first try:).

Take a peek at our time together and marvel a little at how gorgeous these two are – both inside and out, I have to add! I can’t wait for their wedding day next year!

Together since | 2010

Engaged on | August 21, 2017

Getting married | July 6, 2019

Wedding location|  Duxbury, MA

His occupation | Product Analyst

He’s originally from | Southington, CT

Her occupation | Manager of Customer Success

She’s originally from | Duxbury, MA

How did he propose | Scott and I have always loved to travel. We’ve had the bug ever since studying abroad together in Florence, Italy when we were juniors in college. Hard not to fall in love there. 😉 We’ve traveled all over the US, but trips to Europe have been extra special for us for that reason.

Bringing it all full circle, Scott proposed in Europe last August, after seven years of dating. We’d been in Ireland with my family for a full week, then traveled to Amsterdam for a few days, just the two of us. On our second day there, Scott took me to a little beach town, named Heemskerk, nearby on the North Sea. Though the town was quite sleepy, the beach was stunning! We walked miles down the beach until it seemed like we were the only ones still there!

As we walked back along the beach to town, Scott told me to “choose a dune” I wanted to take some photos in front of. It was the golden hour before sunset! After taking a bunch of tripod photos, Scott ran into the camera frame and dropped to his knee! He caught the whole proposal and all my happy tears on video! So glad he did. 🙂