Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Wedding | Brianna & Chris

Brianna and Chris were married during Memorial Day weekend at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor and although the day turned out to be a rainy one, it didn’t put a damper on anything:)

When I arrived, the girls were already done with hair and make-up and ready for the day!

Love their rose-gold rings and I absolutely love when I couple does some engraving in their rings:)

The awesome daytime view from the Hyatt – night time view is at the end of the post:)

After spending a little time with the girls, I headed down to where Chris and the guys were getting ready…

He had a little assist from his brother, father and father-in-law to be:)

A boutonniere assist from mom too:)

After wrapping up with Chris, I headed back to capture Brianna getting into her dress – with the help of her mom and maid-of-honor. Brianna’s mom Carla was essential to planning Brianna and Chris’s wedding and she did a phenomenal job:) Brianna and Chris currently live in California making it a bit trickier for them to plan it here!

When we headed out for a few pictures before the rain started, Brianna saw her father for the first time – so sweet!

We did a few photos of Brianna and the girls with the view from the Hyatt Regency Harborside 🙂

After the girls headed back inside, the guys came out back at the Hyatt Boston Harbor for their photo time before the guests arrived:)

Earlier in the day, Brianna and Chris made the call for an outdoor ceremony (which I love:) because it looked like the rain kept pushing back on the forecast. Although it did hold off for a bit of the afternoon, it started to sprinkle just as the guests arrived…

Although it was sprinkling on them, it didn’t change a thing – these two were exuding happiness and they were getting sprinkled with good luck WHILE getting married:)

I love that they braved the weather because this view for their ceremony at the Hyatt Harborside is worth it:)

The rain picked up a bit and the umbrellas came out – such a good option when a little rain decides to happen on your day:)

The rain kept on coming now that I had these two together, but we didn’t mind – the umbrella worked out perfectly and I absolutely love these photos with it…I always say that your photos tell the story of YOUR day:)

Inside the tent the staff was ready and the view of Boston Harbor was still visible:)

Just before entering, the rain had stopped and I grabbed just a couple minutes of pictures without umbrellas with Brianna and Chris – We HAD to get the back of this dress captured;)

Then it was time for the reception to begin and these smiles say it all:) It is truly so amazing to have all of your family and friends in one place and there to celebrate with you!

Brianna’s father kicked off the toasts and thanked his wife Carla for all of her hard work putting the wedding together and then he thanked the vendors too! He took me off guard and made me blush:) It was so kind of him!

We snuck out of the Hyatt Harborside tent before the dancing kicked off for a couple of night photos of the city and it wasn’t raining:)!

This one is my favorite:)

The night kicked off with their parent dances and then the partying began and never stopped:)

Chris’s niece takes after her grandfather – these two never stopped dancing and were so fun to watch and capture:)

Brianna & Chris (and definitely Carla:) – Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your day! It was fabulous and all of you are fabulous too! I hope we meet again in the near future!

Vendor Info

bride’s dress | Alexandra’s

bridesmaids dresses | Bella’s Bridal

hair | Salon de Cheveux (KC)

floris | Whole Foods

Ceremony | Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor

Reception | Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor

Cake | Konditor Meister

DJ | DJ Lou


introductions | Zombie Nation

first dance | Then by Brad Paisley

father/daughter | Over the Rainbow

mother/son | Backstreet Boys

Bride & Groom Questions

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Walking the ceremony with my father and seeing Chris.

What was your favorite detail?

The umbrellas

Advice for other brides and grooms?

Your day is beautiful no matter what because you are both their together.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Chris taking off the suspenders in the middle of his dance moves the last song of the night.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?


Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Italy in August.