Courtney & Andrew | MA Engagement Photographer

Last week I had the pleasure of heading into Boston to photograph Courtney and Andrew’s engagement session. Their wedding is a little less than a year away and I already can’t wait to work with them again! Courtney and I could chat for hours and Andrew is just so easy going – I love them:)! You can clearly see how much they love each other also:)! It is truly a natural fit and perfect match!

Take a peek below for a little overview of our time together and all of the little spots we found!
As I left Courtney and Andrew, this was foggy look of Boston:)

Courtney and Andrew, I can’t wait to to be a part of your day!!

Together since | summer 2010

 Engaged on | March 18, 2015

Getting married | June 11, 2016

Wedding location | Pinehills Golf Club

Her occupation:    Registered nurse          Originally from | Plymouth, Ma

His occupation | business analyst                Originally from | Plymouth, Ma

How did he propose | Andrew anxiously proposed at our house on a Wednesday night shortly after going to the jewelry store with my cousin (also my MOH). Andrew had told me he was working late but I later found out he had gotten out early got the ring and ended up having dinner with my parents. My mother told me he could barely breathe! He came home after what I thought was from work and went to change. I was on the couch eating ice cream! (I have a major sweet tooth)! Andrew told me he had picked up George, our golden retriever, a new collar. I questioned why he would get him another collar when he already has two but Andrew asked George to show me his new collar anyways. George came walking around the corner with a big bow wrapped around him and a ring box hanging from his neck. I was so shocked! He hopped up next to me on the couch and Andrew took it from there!