Samantha & Daniel | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Get ready for a preview in black and white! I am excited to say that I not only have the preview ready for Samantha and Daniel, but the whole gallery too!  Here are a a handful of pictures to hold you over until tonight, when the whole gallery will be sent over to you!

I had a great time walking around with Samantha and Daniel…laughing and joking the whole time! I was EXTREMELY impressed with Samantha’s walking skills in those shoes! We were on all kinds of terrain and she was booking it the whole time! I kept saying, “Let’s slow down”, but she was insistent that she was fine….very impressive!!


This is there little guy Bandit…he is a quick little guy and loved to play with his toy that they brought him!

2011-06-14_0062011-06-14_0042011-06-14_002One of my favorites 🙂


Another favorite 🙂

2011-06-13_002One final one of their baby!


Samantha and Daniel…thank you for a fabulous session! I look forward to September when we get to work together again!!

Together since | February 24, 2009 (our first date – a Tuesday)

Engaged on | March 15, 2011 (also a Tuesday)


Getting married | September 17, 2011


Wedding location| Kirkbrae (Lincoln RI)

Samantha | Occupation: Cute Girl Finder (GM of a Promotional Staffing Agency) | Originally from | Somerset, MA


Daniel |  Occupation:  Toy Maker (Manager of Rapid Prototype Department) | Originally from| Pascoag, RI


Bandit | 16 months old | Loves kisses, running around like a nut, and eating anything he can get his mouth on 🙂


How did Daniel propose as told by Samantha | It was Tuesday.  We had just finished dinner.  I was on my knees in the kitchen playing with Bandit.  Daniel came up behind me, got on both knees (he has bad knees!) and asked me to marry him.  I said “obviously.”  Bandit was very happy for us 🙂