Sam & Rian | Newport, RI Engagement Photographer

Last week I had a fantastic time with Samantha and Rian for their engagement session! During the session I was able to spend time with Rian and Sam, meet Rian’s family, visit a park, baseball field and beach AND meet Sam (and Rian’s:) two little pups! We crammed a lot into one session – it was fabulous!

I originally met Sam at one of my 2013 weddings (for Jess & Jay) and was so happy when I heard from her that she had gotten engaged! The funny thing is that I played field hockey in high school with Jess and it turns out that one of Rian’s cousins also played field hockey with us too (a little shout out to Carrie:)! It is such a small world!

Take a peek at our time together below:)!

Sam and Rian – I am honored to be a part of your day! I just can’t wait for the 5th:)! I know it is going to be fabulous!!


Together since | March 2012

Engaged on | May 17, 2013

Getting married |  September 5, 2014

Wedding location | Belle Mer, Newport, Rhode Island

Her occupation: 3rd year law student                   Originally from | Bismarck, North Dakota

His occupation: college baseball coach                 Originally from | Middletown, Rhode Island


How did he propose | I (Rian) proposed to Samantha at her childhood home in Bismarck. Earlier this year I had surprised her for her birthday and our anniversary with plane tickets to visit her family in ND.  I had known I was going to propose there for a long time before going, and wanted to make sure that I did it at a special place and time. We were getting ready to go out and spend our first day in ND together, and she was yelling at me as she ran down the stairs telling me to hurry up. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she found me on one knee in the living room of the house where she grew up. We were able to spend the day celebrating with her family and friends. I wouldn’t have done it in any other place.