Sabine & Steve | Boston Engagement Photographer

Last week I met Sabine and Steve for their engagement session in Boston. When I think of these two, I think of Providence (even though they are clearly a Boston couple:), because that is where I originally met them! Steve was a groomsmen in Dante and Kaytee’s wedding – back in 2013 (if you take a peek you can even spot these two dancing together:)!   I am beyond honored that when they got engaged, they immediately thought of me! I am so excited to be a part of their day and see what these two have been planning!

In the meantime, take a peek at their blog preview and be sure to read their engagement story below!







Steve and Sabine – I look forward to October!!

Engaged on | September 16, 2016

Getting married |  October 14, 2017

Wedding location |  Providence Art Club

His occupation| Higher Education

He’s originally from | Rhode Island

Her occupation | Elementary Teacher

She’s originally from | Illinois

How did he propose  | After 4.5 years of dating bliss, Steve decided it was time to pop the question. He picked out the perfect ring and hid it for a week in a sock at the back of the drawer. On the day before my birthday, we planned to “go to Bantam Cider and bowling at Sacco’s” in Somerville. Little did I know that these plans were just a decoy

We did go to Bantam Cider, but found that it was closed for a private event that night. This wasn’t part of the plan, but it was fine with Steve, because he wanted to get the show on the road (and because he was nervous that I might feel a little tipsy during the big moment — which wouldn’t be good).

Instead of going to Sacco’s, Steve took a “detour.” This made me nervous because Steve is horrible at navigating: he uses a GPS to get to work. But he knew what he was doing. We went up to Prospect Hill Monument, a place where we had gone a couple of years before. It looks out over the city of Boston and is a great spot to get engaged. Once Steve gave the other guy standing on the monument enough death stares to get him to leave, and we were alone on the monument, Steve got down on one knee (the right one — he had practiced and found this knee was better for proposing) and asked the question he’d been waiting to ask since we met. I obviously said yes. And the rest is history.