Mike and Mandy | Wedding at the Sea Crest Hotel, Falmouth, MA

On August 17th, I had the pleasure of witnessing the marriage of Mandy and Mike! Mandy and I graduated from Foxboro High School – one year apart, and spent every fall together on the field hockey field:) She was an incredible player, leader, motivator and friend…and now that we are adults, I can still see all of those qualities (and more!), that make her successful today! Not only is SHE fabulous, but the man she will be spending the rest of her life with is awesome too! Mike is so kind, caring, generous, thoughtful and most importantly – loves Mandy so much (and lets her know it:)!  It was a truly fantastic day – from the weather, to the people, to the venue and to the great party!

It all started on the beach when I arrived to find Mandy’s brothers setting up the ceremony site!Mike and the guys were helping and hanging out, just waiting for the party to begin!  The Sea Crest had recently done a ton of renovations and it looked phenomenal!When I arrived to the girls, they were already fully underway! The view from there room, showed the PACKED beach! I told you it was a beautiful day:)!I started with the details as Mandy began her make-up….Although these shoes say, “I do”, they really said, “Do I”! The stickers got put on the wrong feet – look closely and you can see the feet are pointing out:)! Oops:)!I also learned that the girls had rented their dressed! The company is called Little Borrowed Dress and rents the dresses out – the ones that they chose were beautiful and fit each of the girls perfectly! Such a fantastic concept – I am sure I will be seeing more and more of this label soon:)!Mandy sisters and parents arrived and along with Jen came her daughter – adorable and FABULOUS for the whole day! I didn’t see a single moment of tears or tiredness from either her or her brother for the whole day! As a fellow parent myself, that is absolutely amazing over the course of a long day!
Mandy had a couple of touch-ups to her hair before finishing the make-up!Then it was time for the dress! Mandy had a burst of nervous energy at this point – I have never seen a bride move so quickly through all of her dress and details! Her hands were even shaking as she put on her rings:)!Once she had a few sips of champagne and was fully ready, she settled back in for a few pictures and a toast:)!Absolutely stunning Mandy!!
Mandy has two Jens in her life, her sister on the right and on the left is her other Jen! Jen P. on the left is the reason that Mandy found me! Jen mentioned me to Mandy when she got engaged – thanks SO much:)!! Jen and I go way back – we graduated together and spent many days/nights at the same parties and concerts:)!! Miss those days – and you look absolutely fabulous – if I didn’t tell you enough:)!!
After a quick few pictures with the girls, I headed back to see what the guys were doing and set up some pictures of them! This is when I began to learn what a crazy fun group they were going to be!We headed outside and the pictures took on a life of their own:)! They were a hard to wrangle for some “formal” shots but oh-so-fun for all the impromptu moments:)!This is Mandy and Mike’s brother-in-law and their nephew!The ceremony began a few minutes after that – the music was incredible and set the stage as the guests arrived! I was thinking that the folks on the beach were very lucky to be able to enjoy their music too – it was a great atmosphere!The folks on the beach were not only enjoying the music, but they were also enjoying the actual ceremony! They were moving over for a good view!I have been teasing this ceremony on Facebook, because it was one of the best I have seen! BOTH Mike and Mandy set the stage for a fun environment! Mike was busy posing and joking as he first came down, but then proceeded to high-five and say hello:)The kids did an awesome job coming up the isle – that sign was always facing forward and they even looked up as they walked in the sand!Mike was still joking up to the minute he spotted Mandy:)!She was beaming as she came up to the guests and then literally said, “How can I NOT say hello to everyone?”! That was the first of many laughs during the ceremony!The ceremony had another special touch…Mandy’s Aunt officiated and did a marvelous job! She actually is an officiant, and didn’t just get ordained for the day!On the way back out, the party began:)! These are always some of my favorite images:)!The first of many impromptu kisses:)!We started with all of the family pictures and then moved on to bridal party pictures!Although I like a good jumping picture, I do not do it unless it is requested and on this day it totally was:)!All of these pictures of the two of them, just scream happiness and love:)!
As we headed in, we passed the cocktail hour and there was some hooting and hollering:)!The reception kicked off with the intros of the parents and bridal party…and went right into the whole wedding piling onto the dance floor for a song (or maybe two – I wasn’t counting:)!The seas were parted to create a floor for their first dance….but Mandy and Mike are all about the party and asked everyone to join in after just a minute:)!Mandy and her grandfather:)I had to include the Foxboro clan:)!
When the sun was setting and we had a minute before the parent dances, we scooted out for a few more pictures!After we returned, and the sun had fully set, we were left with a massive glow – a gorgeous backdrop for the parent dances! Look at those colors and how intense they became!During the reception, I borrowed their rings…and then the party was in full swing!Mike’s cousin, in this photo below, brought a flashlight with him. When he first pulled it out of his pocket during pictures, I was like, “What the H-LL are you carrying a flashlight with you for at 3pm in the afternoon?!” Once he pulled it out on the dance floor it all made sense! It changed colors and had a disco setting! It was awesome! I caught this moment on the left and then told them to do it again – the one on the right was what happened next! Not exactly the look I was going for, but pretty funny anyway!Mandy and Mike got on the mic to thank everyone before the end of the night!

Mandy and Mike – congratulations!!  I am seriously so happy for the two of you and can’t wait to see where your lives take you! I will be Facebook watching:)! You are both awesome people!
Vendor Info
bridesmaid dresses |  Little Borrowed Dress (the girls rented them!)
hair |  Lisa George
make-up |  Lisa George
florist |  Judy’s Village Flowers
ceremony | The Beach at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel
reception venue | Sea Crest Beach Hotel
cake |  Cupcakes from Cupcake Charlie’s
dj |  Move It Music
introductions |  Let Me Clear My Throat, DJ Kool
first dance |  Your Love, Jason Mraz
father/daughter | Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
mother/son |  Al Di La, Jerry Vale
Bride/Groom Questions
What was the most memorable moment of your day?  When we waived to each other from a distance when we first saw each other (when Mandy was getting ready to walk down the aisle ).
What was your favorite detail? The bamboo archway the groomsmen built for us (and our friends decorated) right before the ceremony.
Any advice for future brides/grooms?  Sit back and enjoy the day because it flies by.  Don’t worry about the details on your wedding day because they don’t matter.
Funniest memory from your wedding day?  When Mandy gave our guests the thumbs up sign after Mike said “I do”.
If you could do it all over, would you change anything? Not a single thing.
Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Westin Playa Conchal, Costa Rica