Lindsey & John | Boston Wedding Photographer

Just a few short days ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Lindsey and John for their engagement session! They had made the trip up from New York and the weather completely cooperated with our plans – it was a beautiful day!

Take a peek below to see a preview of our time together!

John – it was so nice to finally meet you (after hearing so much about you and your hobbies:), and Lindsey it was great to see you again!! I look forward to the wedding….it is just around the corner:)!!


Together since | January 2008

Engaged on | December 22, 2012

Getting married |  June 28th, 2014

Wedding location | Shining Tides, Mattapoisett MA

Her occupation|  Account Manager                  Originally from | Medfield, MA

His occupation|  Engineer               Originally from | Brewster, NY


How did he propose |  John and I had plans to go to dinner in Boston before heading to a friend’s holiday party.  As we walked across Boston Common towards the restaurant, I could tell that something weird was going on.  John kept steering me towards the Christmas tree on the Common, insisting that he wanted to see it up close.  He kept pushing us to get closer…and closer…and closer to it.  Right before he was about to get down on one knee, a group of people tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take a picture of them in front of the tree.  This threw John off a little bit, but after I took the picture, he was able to get the question out, and of course I said yes!