Lindsay & Kevin | MA Wedding Photographer

Last week I met Lindsay and Kevin for their engagement session! We bumped it up a day because of the gloomy forecast to come, and we couldn’t have gotten a better day – It was beautiful!

Our session started in a very similar way to almost all sessions – a little bit of nerves, mainly because people don’t know what to expect, but also because it can feel a little funny to be in front of the camera:)! We jumped right in to picture taking, laughed a little and started with a couple of my tricks to get us moving and comfortable, and within minutes of us starting, one of my favorite shots was taken – this first one:)!

I absolutely love engagement session time with my couples! I love getting to know them, getting to laugh with them, and getting us all ready for their day! In Lindsay and Kevin’s case, our next time together is right around the corner and I can’t wait!

Take a peek at their fabulous session:)!

Lindsay and Kevin – I can’t wait to make your guestbook:)! You two are fabulous and there are so many awesome pictures to choose from! I look forward to seeing you both again in just a few weeks:)!!

Together since | June 21, 2008

 Engaged on | March 26, 2012

 Getting married |  June 1, 2013

 Wedding location | Falmouth Yacht Club      Falmouth, MA

 Her occupation: Child life specialist                 Originally from | Weymouth, MA

 His occupation: Landscaper                 Originally from | Braintree, MA

 How did he propose |  Kevin and I both knew that we would one day be married. Like many couples, we would often talk about our future together. One constant that always remained was that when the time came, I did not want a diamond engagement ring.  This took quite a lot of convincing on my part for Kevin to actually believe me. One night, while at dinner, I was again trying to explain my reasoning for not wanting a diamond ring. Kevin responded by taking a few business cards out of his wallet with ring specifics written on the back saying, ” Well, then I guess I don’t need these.” My eyes immediately filled with tears and I ran off to the bathroom. It was in that moment that I realized how much Kev actually had been thinking/planning of proposing. When I returned, Kevin had paid the bill and said, “If you really don’t want a ring, then why don’t we just get engaged right now!?”  We drove off to our favorite spot in Plymouth Harbor and on that very cold, very windy night, Kevin pulled me close and asked me to marry him.