Lauren & Chris | MA Engagement Session

I am finally blogging a session and not just my weddings – YAHOO:)! I have never been so busy that I haven’t blogged my engagement sessions, but this year it happened! The great thing is that I will have a lot to blog during the quieter winter months and my couples will get to reminisce:)!

In the meantime, I am excited to share a recent engagement session with Lauren and Chris:)! I heart these two:) They exude such happy energy and have so much mutual respect for each other and for everyone around them. We chatted for almost two hours at our initial meeting because they are such warm and friendly people! I left the meeting hoping that I would get a chance to work with them and get to know them better and here we are!!

We spent our session moving around to lots of different spots in the Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester Tri-Town area and got a ton of different looks – while still focusing on the two of them:) Be sure to read a little about them and their story below!

We were all done with our with our session and talking about how fabulous it went and these two threw their arms up to cheer:) Adorable!!

Lauren and Chris – Can’t WAIT for next September:)!

Together since | June 2017

Engaged on | May 29, 2019

Wedding location | Charter Oak Country Club in Hudson, MA

His occupation | Financial Analyst at UNFI

He’s originally from | Warwick, RI

Her occupation | Talent Acquisition Project Manager at Interactions LLC

She’s originally from | Ashland, MA

How did he propose OR How did you meet | Chris first noticed Lauren in a Facebook picture alongside one of his friends from college. He reached out to this friend asking to be set-up…the only problem was, Lauren was taking a break from the dating world at the time. She did, however, agree to exchange phone numbers with him. If you can believe it, it took 9 months of pleasant persistence from Chris for Lauren to give in to meeting for that long awaited drink. Their connection was instant and they have been together ever since that night!