jiliane & chris | westerly, ri engagement photographer

These adorable munchkins, belong to Jiliane and Chris, who are officially tying the knot this September! When I met up with the two of them for their engagement session, their little munchkins came along so that we could get a few family shots! Jiliane’s parents also met us there, so that they could take them out exploring, playing, and eating (of course:) while we spent the rest of the time focusing on Jil and Chris!

When the kids first left us, Jil and Chris were definitely a bit nervous….when you are parents (as I am too:), it is hard to switch back into couple mode when you are so used to having the little ones right there with you, BUT that feeling quickly dissolved (with a little reminding that this is THEIR time and to enjoy it:)! and they were FABULOUS together!After a few minutes at the spot where we met up in Westerly, I suggested we head over to a spot where I had been a couple of years before! We started on our way and stopped along the way for more pictures….During this time, Chris mentioned that he thought Taylor Swifts house was up the way that we were heading, and he was right!! There was a guard at the end of the driveway and some orange cones….when we got up to it, we found the best sign (that also ties into how they met – read their answers below)….The sign says, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING”…..such a clever use of her lyrics:)!

WELLL…the guard told us she wasn’t there, and it turns out he wasn’t fibbing – she was in NYC that day BUT we were there on Monday and by Friday Taylor was there with a ton of her Hollywood friends:)!  According to US Weekly (because I do watch and read my fair share of Hollywood gossip:)….she had a big 4th of July bash! They included some pictures in the article, so I thought I would include them here!!  WE were standing in the exact spot that Taylor and company were in just days later….check out the lighthouse in our picture below AND in the ocean jumping picture above:)!  The tide was further in due to the horrible storm on the 4th, but it is the exact same spot:)!  Kinda fun:)!Now back to the session of Jil and Chris:)!  We spent some time on the beach….These are some of my favorites….the wind blown hair the texture of the waves in the background and their connection = fabulous photos:)!The sun was setting and made for some gorgeous lighting! We headed back towards our original spot to see the sun set and it was beautiful!

Jiliane and Chris – I had a great time with the two of you (and your whole family:)! I can’t wait for your big day in September…it is going to be fabulous:)!

Together since | november 2005

 Engaged on | september 2012

 Getting married |   september 12, 2014

 Wedding location | lake pearl lucianos, wrentham, ma

  Both originally from | Rhode Island

How did you meet | Chris and Jill first met on a fall night back in October of 2005. Separately, they were invited to a party at a mutual friend’s house where the theme for the night was Black Tie. Just having met, the two immediately hit it off and became friends; the first step in any solid relationship. And although Chris was “somewhat” dating someone else at the time, he slipped and said to Jill, “you’re going to be trouble for me.” (we love the irony of the Taylor Swift sign!!)   They started spending time together, with the frequency intensifying over the following months. Eventually, they decided that it was time to take things to the next level and they became a “couple” the following February.

How did he propose | Jill’s favorite place is the beach, so for Chris, it made sense that the proposal had to go down on a beach. Chris was always waiting for “the right time” but with 2 kids comes a really interesting life with many fun curve balls, Chris took Jill and their two children to the Sandwich Boardwalk on Cape Cod. Ironically, a wedding ceremony was taking place on the beach so Chris led Jill and the kids further down the beach, not to interrupt the ceremony, but more importantly, not to be interrupted by the 100+ people witnessing another couples’ special day. With the sun casting a sparkle on the water, and a gentle breeze blowing, Chris started to recollect the couples’ path and incorporated that “there is no “right time” or “perfect life” that  the relationship we share is not “perfect” but it’s perfect for us”, he got down on one knee, removed the ring from his pocket, and asked Jill to be his wife. Fortunately for Chris, she said “of course!”