Jessica & Anthony | The Village Inn | Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Anthony are two of the nicest people that I have met. They are fun, friendly, and always laughing and talking! Our meetings were non-stop comedy and because of that I couldn’t wait for their wedding day! Their day was gorgeous (especially for August!)…not too hot, sunny and blue skies with a few clouds! The day started with the girls at a salon and then moved over to The Village Inn in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Their entire day was spent there…from the make-up to the last dance of the night!

The preview goes in order of the day…starting with the salon and then a few pictures from back at the hotel. The gift from Anthony was a Tiffany bracelet that Jessica decided to add to her accessories for the day! It matched the Tiffany Blue dresses that the girls were wearing!


I just had to also include this picture of make-up time…I love those gorgeous eyes!


This would be Anthony with his gift…a pocket watch! In classic Anthony style, he decided to start modeling his pocket watch for me!


After the finishing touches were on, we headed out for a first look and some formals time before the ceremony…I have to say again that I am a huge fan of the first look! It allows for more picture opportunities and keeps they day moving along at a calm pace…relaxed is always good!


This little cutie below, is the reason that Jessica and Anthony found me! I did a family session with this little guy and his family last year, and when his Mom showed Jessica the pictures, she took a peek at my site….the rest is history!! We were a great match!


These two were so cute together…the suggestion of giving each other a kiss lead to this picture…


and then to this adorable little giggle!


The ceremony took place on the rooftop deck. It was beautiful, with a little bit of wind to keep everyone cool. Poor Anthony was facing the setting sun for the whole ceremony though! As it set, it became almost like a spotlight on him (because of his height)!


After the ceremony, we headed out to the lawn for the family formals and just a few more pictures of Jessica and Anthony as the sun was beginning to go down.


Notice the shoes in Anthony’s hand as we headed back in for the reception…already a doting husband!


The reception details…all tied into the Tiffany Blue color and the Rhode Island beachy theme!

reception detailsfinal

A final mixture of images from the reception. From the first dance to the last image of the night (on the bottom right)!


As I said before, Jessica and Anthony are two of the nicest people that I have met….They even took the time the day after their wedding to write me a big thank you…It was by far one of the nicest (and most detailed!) thank you letters that I have ever received…and for that I have to say thank you again!

Congratulations to you both…I wish you a lifetime of laughter!