Jenny & Pat | Boston Engagement Photographer

This week I spent some time in Boston with Jenny and Pat… We spent our time walking around the park where they got engaged not too long ago! The whole time, I couldn’t stop admiring Jenny’s ability to rock those high heels – so impressed – and they looked awesome on her (and on those long killer legs!)!

Take a peek at our time together below and be sure to read about how they met – I loved reading the two versions of their story!

Jenny and Pat – thank you for choosing me to be  part of this special time in your lives – I can’t wait for next September:)!

Together since | May 17, 2010

 Engaged on | May 16, 2015

 Getting married |  September 9, 2016             

 Wedding location | Independence Harbor, Assonet MA

Her occupation | Occupational therapist in early intervention  Originally from | Glen Gardner, NJ

 His occupation | Technology sales             Originally from | Norwood, MA


 How did you meet as told by…

Jenny |  We were on our way to study in Sydney for the semester, and the 100-ish students we went with were meeting up at various gates waiting in the airport. Pat and I ended up in the same group of seats and started chatting with the group. When they called our flight to board Pat happened to find the iPod that had fallen out of my sweatshirt, which a friend recognized as mine. I decided to get it back from “that kid in the white hat” on the plane, not realizing he would start listening to it! We later bonded over the random selection of music I had, ended up as part of the same group of study abroad friends, went on lots of adventures across Australia, and here we are over five years later!

Pat | During a 4-legged trip to Australia, Jenny and I met at Dallas airport, as we made our first stop.  We were on a BU Abroad Program with 100 others.  Flew to Dallas, then LA, then Brisbane, then Sydney.  I happened to find Jenny’s iPod before we boarded our flight to LA. Unable to return it, I listened to it for some time on the flight, before she forced one of her friends to get it from me.  My laptop had just crashed just before the semester, and all I had was a bunch of disks to hopefully revive it.  Jenny was a life saver as she got it up and running. After a semester of fun, I fell for her.  Because she lived in Jersey for the summer, I wanted to be single for the summer,  however, this lasted about 3 weeks after returning home,  before I decided I wanted to try this for real. Best decision of my life…