It’s all in the details… | Wequassett Resort, Chatham, MA

 Although this blog has primarily been filled with previews for the last couple of years, I have decided that I want there to be MORE…more than just previews!  There will still be a ton of previews, don’t you worry, but I want to share more of me…More of my family, more of my thoughts and most importantly, more of the ideas that I see when I am photographing all of my weddings, families, and events! I want to share things that I have come across to hopefully inspire people…even if it only inspires one person!

This first idea post…which I think I am going to categorize as “Tips & Tricks” starts with an idea for wedding day details…Last week, I started working on choosing pictures to update my websites…I am working towards an overall revamp, but it continues to be a work in progress! As I was looking back through previous wedding galleries, I came across Laura and Chris’s wedding at the Wequassett Resort in Chatham, MA. 

Everything about this wedding was beautiful…the location, the people, and the details! There are many pictures from this wedding that I would consider favorites, and I have decided to use a few in this post to talk about some simple, yet impactful details!

The concept of paying attention to the details is definitely not new, but when it comes to weddings, the reception details are usually what I hear about first…The centerpieces, the place cards, the lighting, etc.  These ideas focus on the ceremony and bridal details!

 Take a peek at this gorgeous ceremony…a gorgeous view and a beautiful day are definitely the ground work to this photo, but the tiny detail of using petals in the isle, give it an extra POP of color and some added texture!

2011-05-06_003You can see the impact that they make by comparing it to this next photo…It is the exact same photo with a little Photoshop magic!  I quickly removed the petals to show you what the scene would have looked like without the though of that added detail! Sorry for the sloppiness – but you get the gist!  It is still a beautiful location (without any doubt!), but in my humble opinion, the colored petals really gave it a little POP!


The same ceremony scene, but a slightly lower angle gives more importance to the petals….

2011-05-06_001and makes a really big difference without them! I apologize again for the quick Photoshopping!2011-05-06_002

The second detail from this wedding that I just had to point out is the flower in Laura’s hair! It once again adds texture and color to the pictures.

 I absolutely realize that not everyone is a flower kind of girl, or could pull it off as beautifully as Laura, but the point of this post is to get your mind thinking!!

In terms of a bride’s hair, it doesn’t have to be a flower, it could be the style of veil that you choose, a vintage clip, a head band, etc! You should alway be true to who you are on your day, but I think that it is totally ok to kick it up a notch and be a bit more glam than your everyday wear! You will be amazed by what even the smallest detail can do!


2011-05-06_006When it comes to the details, you do not have to spend a lot of money…many of my favorite details have been hand made or extremely inexpensive.  A single flower or asking for leftover petals from your florist, shouldn’t break your budget, but putting thought into all of those finishing touches, does take a bit of time!  Wedding planning is a LOT of work…but it will all be worth it in the end!