Holly and Brett | Engaged | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Last week, I met Brett and Holly (& Bubba) for their engagement session…I am on a roll with the dogs! It was my third engagement session in a row with a little pup!undefinedWe had a great time…Holly is a giggly girl, and she is as sweet as she looks! For those of you that know me, I laugh a lot too, so we get along great!undefinedBrett is such a sweet guy too…especially to Holly!undefinedI love this one…It was my first pick for my Facebook sneak peek!undefinedBubba is a good little guy…He stayed right with us the whole time and even when another pug came along, he didn’t stray!undefinedundefinedIf you look closely, Bubba is wearing a Bruins tag…That night was one of the final games and Brett couldn’t wait to get home to watch it!undefinedundefinedOur last few minutes were spent out in the big field, playing with Bubba, playing around and drooling over the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sanwich that Holly and I wanted for dinner on the way home!undefinedundefinedHolly and Brett, thank you for being so easy going and so much fun! I can’t wait for the wedding!! 


Together since | November 1, 2002

 Engaged on | April 4, 2010

Getting married |  September 3, 2011                  

Wedding location | The Meeting House Tiverton, RI

Her occupation |  Human Resources   |   Originally from | Rehoboth, MA

 His occupation |  Truck Driver   |   Originally from | Seekonk, MA

How did he propose | It was Easter morning and I had spent the weekend visiting two of my friends from college. I came home and Brett asked me to make us some coffee so I went into the kitchen to make it and when I turned around he had an Easter basket for me. I started to get upset because I had nothing to give him for Easter and it was also the prettiest basket I have ever seen! He told me to just look at what he got for me, and at the bottom was an engagement ring!!