francesca & theo | spinelli’s, wedding, lynnfield, ma

Francesca and Theo are baaaccckkk!! It is time for another preview that I have been dying to share with you (and I know their parents have been anxiously awaiting too:)!

My day started at Francesca’s childhood home and I was greeted by her dad! The ladies were still finishing up at the salon, so her father and I chatted a bit while I photographed her details! Within minutes of my arrival, we decided to use the stone fireplace as a backdrop for all of the detail pictures….it is the central focus of their home and was built by Francesca’s grandfather…it clearly holds a special place in their heart…

When Francesca arrived, her mother was ready and waiting with her dress:)! I have to say that this dress was GORGEOUS and it definitely didn’t hurt that it was PERFECT for Francesca – she looked so elegant and it fit her perfectly!!As her girls finished getting dressed they joined us upstairs!Francesca and all of her girls are on the left, while three generations are on the right:)!Francesca’s father was waiting for her to make a grand entrance (and I love that her parents wedding picture is hanging on the wall right there too)…Her pup just HAD to make an appearance in the blog preview – he got all dressed up for the occasion!
Before I headed to the church, we squeezed in some pictures of the girls:)!Unbelievably stunning is all that I can say…..I was waiting for the girls to arrive at the church and captured this shot of Francesca’s stunning eyes before she got out of the limo….
I love these pictures…a special time for Francesca and her father AND they are on the streets of her hometown…Beverly, MA…
I absolutely love when I am able to get a different angle in a church….The guests and I spend a lot of time looking at the couple’s backsides during a church ceremony, so when I am able to capture a couple’s expressions as they are listening, it is fantastic! These two images are awesome examples of what I mean!I just love the walk back down the isle – officially mr & mrs – and always a happy moment! This picture also reminds me that it is the age of the smart phone! I think every single person had their ready to go:)! I wonder what the phones will look like in 10 years:)!After the ceremony we headed immediately to Lynch Park in Beverly – a spot that Francesca and Theo suggested and I am SO glad they did – it was absolutely STUNNING!!! I HAVE to get back there again soon – it just has endless possibility:)!! 

At the park we were squeezing in family pictures, bridal party and couple time but Francesca and Theo were also hoping to make it to a bit of cocktail – we worked FAST and got it done:)! From arrival to the park to the time we departed it was 50 minutes AND with travel they arrived at Spinelli’s with a half hour still left in their cocktail hour:)!

Most guys like when I ask them to get into a flying V formation, but these guys were quite efficient with it – they all played hockey:)After we wrapped up the bridal party pictures, we had everyone head on over to Spinelli’s and we wrapped up with just the two of them…When we arrived back at Spinelli’s, I spent some time in the room before the guests were asked in and Francesca and Theo entered their cocktail hour!Once the room was filled with their guests, the entrances began!Speeches were given by their siblings….In between courses, the dance floor was PACKED! It was a dancing crowd and I do have to say that both sets of parents were out there leading the way!Both parent dances were fantastic! Theo and his mom mixed slow with a surprise fast song and Francesca and her dad danced up a storm showing off her dress with some spinning:)!This fabulous family is the reason that I was able to be a part of Theo and Francesca’s day! I met Olimpia, Theo’s mom, through them, when my husband and I attended Nick and Haley’s wedding (the two on the far left)! The two families are great friends and although I didn’t know them at the time, Francesca and Theo were at that wedding too!The rest of the night was spent dancing – and it was a PACKED floor the whole night!

Francesca and Theo – Congratulations to you both and welcome back from what I am sure was an AMAZING Hawaiian honeymoon:)! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your fabulous day! I enjoyed every part of it:)!