Deanne & Jake | Boston Wedding Photographer

Last week I spent some time with Deanne and Jake…I will be photographing their wedding next May and I couldn’t be happier about it!! They are a fantastic couple and chose a great spot for their engagement session (and of course for their wedding)!! Jake is stationed in Charlestown, MA so we of course used that as our location! We incorportated the USS CONSTITUTION into our session, along with the area all around it….so many different photographic opportunities!!

We started at this wall of ivy that I spotted when I parked my car. We spent a chunk of time here and we even came back to it for ONE MORE THING before we headed out again!!



As we started heading towards a dock that was special to the two of them, we stopped along the way at every spot that I (or they!) saw!


They were honestly like my tour guide because they are so familiar with the area! One of the first things that they pointed out to me was the building where a part of the movie “The Departed” was filmed…I am all about Hollywood facts (or should I say gossip), so I thought that was so cool!!


This was one of the pictures from the quiet dock that Jake and Deanne spent a lot of time sitting and chatting…a special spot for them…


After the dock, we made out way back to the CONSTITUTION…We explored THE WHOLE ship!!


I say the WHOLE ship, because we even made our way to the “resticted area” for some pictures in the copper room (the lowest part of the ship)….It was a tight squeeze down there but we made it work!!


When we headed back up, I snapped these last two pictures…they were the final ones of the day and definitely a couple of my favorites!!


Jake and Deanne…You are the perfect example of why I LOVE engagement sessions!! I love to get to know my couples and have some time to spend with them!! You were so much fun to work with, and I feel like I know you so much better now!! I look forward to next May!!