Alex & Drew | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

I truly have another group of awesome clients coming up in 2014 and these two are one of those awesome couples! They are both so easy to talk to and are just happy people! Alex has been so kind to me about my work and is so excited to see her pictures it puts a big smile on my face:)! We spent some time last week exploring around a park they chose….It was funny how they chose it too…Alex took a peek at prior engagement sessions and picked out a couple that she liked – she sent those over to me and when I looked at them, they were all in the same place – I would call that, “decision made:)”!  Alex and Drew…I hope that you enjoy your preview! There are MANY more to come:)!

Together since | August 2009

Engaged on | May 22, 2013

Getting married | August 8, 2014

Wedding location | Harrington Farm, Princeton, MA

Her occupation:  Assistant Case Manager/ Part-time Law Student                  Originally from | Gardner, MA

His occupation:  Sales                 Originally from | Gardner, MA

How did he propose |  The day before my birthday, Drew said that he wanted to take me out to dinner, just the two of us.  He picked me up from the train that afternoon and I was still editing one of my final papers for school (I was hoping to finish it that night – I didn’t :)!) I followed him up the stairs to our apartment and he said “buddy, I have a confession to make, we are not going to dinner.”  When I turned to look, he had the ring in his hand and asked me to marry him!  To top off the night, he had made my favorite dinner (homemade mac and cheese), set the table, bought flowers and had champagne ready to pop!  He also arranged for us to meet our friends at the bar down the street to celebrate.  It is certainly a night we will never forget!