Alex & Craig | Boston Engagement Photographer

Are you ready for the most adorable and thoughtful engagement story ever? If so, then take a minute to read Craig’s story at the bottom of this preview:)! Before you get there, you can take a peek at our time together,at the Seaport Hotel area, for their engagement session! We explored the area and even walked down to the courthouse area for a few more pictures and for their dinner reservations – I hope it was delicious:)!

Alex and Craig, I look forward to the 29th! It will be here before you know it and I am honored to be able to be a part of documenting this special time:)!

Together since | 3.17.08

Engaged on | 2.8.13

Getting married |  8.29.15

 Wedding location |  OceanCliff, Newport, RI

Her occupation: Human Resoruces Coordinator          Originally from |  Westwood, MA

His occupation: Digital Marketing Manager                Originally from | Swampscott, MA

How did he propose |

 Alex is a big fan of Disney and there was some talk about possibly getting married at Disney World.  This was most certainly not the day I had envisioned for our Wedding so I had to try to nip it in the bud.  I figured maybe if we get engaged at Disney World then that would get Disney out of her system and we can get married somewhere else.  Alex was in graduate school and she had planned to meet me at Disney with two of her work friends one weekend in February.  This was the perfect opportunity so I made reservations at Victoria and Albert’s which is a very fancy restaurant.  I knew this because they have a dress code and all men must wear jackets.  It is a very difficult place to get a reservation at and Alex couldn’t leave Tallahassee until 5pm.  The reservation was at 9pm and Tallahassee to Orlando is a 4hour drive so there was no way she was going to make it.  So before I left for Florida to meet her and her friends I called her boss and asked him to give Alex the day off so she could leave earlier.  This worked out perfectly she made it to Orlando with time to spare.
After nervously flying with a very expensive engagement ring for 3 hours and taking the Magical Express to Disney I also made it to Florida.  I was lucky I didn’t break the ring because I was gripping the box very tightly the entire trip.  I was not going to lose that ring!  When we were getting ready for the big dinner, I snuck around the hotel room to get the ring from where I hid it and quickly put it in my pocket so that she wouldn’t suspect anything.  As we walked to the restaurant I made sure she stayed to my left at all times because I had this big box bulging out of my right pants pocket.  So I held her on my left side while I kept my other hand in my pocket on the right side gripping the box, again I was not losing that ring.
After we arrived at the restaurant and were seated in our little corner, I promptly got up to “use the bathroom”.  I went to the hostess who I spoke to on the phone earlier that week to let them know I was here and ready to go with our little plan.  This meal was going to be to delicious so instead of rushing through anxiously to pop the question, I planned on doing it right at the beginning of the meal so I could relax and so we could both celebrate (as long as she said yes).  So the hostess came over and asked if she could take our picture and right before she took the picture I pulled out my phone because I got a text from one of our friends.  Of course she was confused and probably a little upset at the timing of this but then I showed her the phone with a picture of me in a tuxedo on one knee  with the ring in the open box and a sign saying “Alex, Will You Marry Me?”  As I did this I was on one knee professing my undying love for her and begging her to say yes.  She did, and the entire moment was being filmed by the hostess who was actually filming the entire event so we can relive it over and over.