My Shooting Style


My Wedding Style

From the first wedding that I photographed, I was in love! I love the happiness of the day, I love every detail that has been so carefully planned and I Iove capturing all of the special moments that are constantly happening.

I consider my style to be fun, fresh and modern. Blending both modern portraiture with a documentary approach. I like to capture the special moments, from the start of the day to the final kiss of the night.

From the beginning of our interactions, I want to get to know the two of you! I am naturally a people person and I want us to build a relationship through the process of planning your wedding so that we are old friends by the time your day arrives!
I am that person at a wedding that will be singing your first dance song quietly behind my camera, bopping around while photographing all of the action and truly enjoying every minute of capturing your day!

Having over 8 years of experience with weddings, I know the in’s and out’s of a wedding day and I will be there to listen to your thoughts and ideas and realistically help us execute them during the day…It is a day that will go by in the blink of an eye and I want to be sure to capture all of it for you!


My Family Style

When it comes to photographing families, I can’t live without it! There isn’t an age group that I can even pinpoint as my favorite because I love them all! Having been a nanny, an elementary school teacher and now a mom to two children of my own – children have always been a big part of my life!

As I work to capture your family, I blend both a traditional family portrait approach (making sure to get the smiling family photo) with more of a lifestyle approach of getting a lot of fun and interactive pictures of playing, laughing and truly just enjoying being together!

Whenever there is a chance to tell the story of your family and your day to day lives, I want to take advantage of it! Having a session in your home lends itself to this! We can spend some time doing the everyday activities that your family does – playing a game, reading a book, having a snack, playing on the floor with the dogs, etc! Whenever I walk away from a session, I am excited to know that I have frozen a moment in time. Children change so quickly and what your daily lives consists of, changes with them too.  I know that you will look back on the pictures that we captured that day and say, “Remember when we used to…”. I am drawn to those photos and the memories that will forever be talked about when you peek at our time together.