Amanda & Rob | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Although I feel like I start off so many of my blog posts on the same note…I just can’t help it! I truly love working with all of my couples and families, and Amanda and Rob are no exception! They will be getting married next year and they will be my first couple to get married in the town that I live in!  The church that they have chosen is in North Attleboro. I am quite excited about that!  My excitement doesn’t stop there because we will then head to Roger Williams Park for pictures and their ceremony will be in the The Casino building…both spots that I love!

Last week we did their engagement session and I arrived with my cameras in hand and my little ladder over my shoulder! I remembered from our initial meeting that Rob and Amanda are both very tall (especially compared to me at only 5ft 2in!)! I always bring my ladder to weddings, but I do believe that this was my first time bringing it to an engagement session! I didn’t use it very often, but I was happy to have it when I wanted it!

Lately, I have had a couple of questions about what I mean by “antique”, so I wanted to be sure to do a range of finishes on this post. I have many different versions of what I call an “antique look” and this first set of pictures would be one of them! I try out the different finishes (that I like) and see which one looks best with those particular pictures.


This next set would be true color.


The next few are black and white…of course!



The picture below (on the left) is one of my favorites from the session!



This is another example of antique…


and another of true color…


Amanda and Rob…Thank you for spending the afternoon with me! I enjoyed your company and I look forward to your wedding day!