One of the most common questions that I get before a family session or even an engagement session is, “What should we wear?”.

In the past, I have always given a couple of tips and tricks to go by….such as….

Coordinate, but you don’t have to match


Don’t be afraid of color!

Don’t be afraid of prints!

Try to avoid solid white

Stay in a family of colors (pastels, jewel tones, etc)

I am now happy to say that I have found some concrete examples of coordinating outfits and they will be appearing on my blog monthly:)! They will be here for inspiration as you pick out the clothes for your session and I am hoping that they will show you that being bold and brining color into your selections will add a lot of depth and texture into your images!

I know that pulling everything together can be a bit tricky and overwhelming, so I hope this will give you a bit of that inspiration and clarification that you need!

Below, you will see the first installment, and I think you will find that my previous tips and tricks apply to these outfits!! Stay tuned for more to come or take a peek at www.whattowearguides.com for a few more inspiring combinations!