Kristen and Scott | Kirkbrae Country Club, Lincoln, RI

Duh, Duh, Dah…The final FABULOUS wedding that will be on the blog in 2010~

 (I have a fabulous NYE wedding too, but that obviously won’t be posted until 2011!)

Let me start by saying that Kristen and Scott are the sweetest couple you could ever meet…they are both outgoing, talkative, patient, and always smiling! My kind of people!! Maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that we all grew up in the same town…Foxboro, MA! Back in the day, I didn’t really know Scott and Kristen (I am a BIT older!), but I did go to school with the best man Sean and their cousins Kelly and Katie! Kristen’s family has since moved to North Attleboro, so our day began there, with all of the girls getting ready!



Kristen has a twin sister, Kim, along with two other sisters and a brother! Kim helped Kristen into her dress and with all of the final details!


The hair stylist was Courtney (Zullo) Libby, another Foxboro alum! I have to sing her praises…ALL of the girls looked fabulous AND she had the best smelling hairspray that I have ever smelled!!


When Kristen was handed this gift and card from Scott, she just kept saying, “We said that we weren’t going to do gifts!”…She was definitely surprised, but I wasn’t..that is just the kind of guy that Scott is!


Two more pictures of the stunning bride…and those are her own eye lashes (I just have to add!)!


While the girls were getting ready in at Kristen’s mother’s house, the guys were at Scott’s childhood home in Foxboro. My second shooter Sharon, headed over there to capture them! This is Sean (the best man) helping his dad with the finishing touches!


Scott and his well dressed dog!


A quick picture of the guys on the streets where he played growing up!


Kristen and Scott had their ceremony at St. Mary’s in Foxboro. Father Madden did the service…He has always been a well-known and well-liked priest at St. Mary’s, but he is also related to Scott’s side of the family!






Just outside the church, Scott stole a quick kiss before all of the guests came out…They then jumped in a town car before scooting off to Kirkbrae. 


They had an unexpected surprise as they were leaving the church…A police escort! Scott is on the force there in Foxboro, so his co-workers gave him a quick escort out of the parking lot…lights and all!


At Kirkbrae, Kristen and Scott had allotted a big chunk of time for their formals! I LOVE when a couple does that!!


They were definitely a rowdy bunch!! I almost lost my voice organizing them…but it was all totally worth it!



The picture below of Scott and Sean was a specific request…three years ago they had gotten this picture at Sean’s wedding and they wanted to do it again! As you can see, they were wrestlers in Foxboro!



After the bridal party and family pictures, we were left with just Scott and Kristen…It was a bit chilly that day, but Kristen made it through it!!


The next picture is my favorite…I just love it!!!


I am a big fan of this one too!


Some fall foliage…


My last two October weddings were at Kirkbrae…I had loved this spot from the week before, so we did it again!


Inside Kirkbrae, the room looked phenomenal! Kristen chose Golden Gate Studios to do her flowers, and she also had them do the uplighting around the room. I was in LOVE!! The uplighting trully made the pictures THAT much better during the reception! The lighting was placed just around the edge of the ballroom and it gave the room (and the pictures!) such a nice punch of color…I would highly recommend it!!  Kristen and Scott also chose to do a guest sign-in book using the pictures from their engagement session…It is becoming quite popular and is always a hit with the guests!


The first dance…




The speeches were kicked off by Kim…she did a great job incorporating laughter and emotion…


and then came Sean’s speech…He also mixed laughter and heartfelt emotion into his speech, BUT he also threw in a story about Scott and did some imitating! It was a story of when Scott visited Sean at college…he disappeared and somehow ended up on the stage at a hypnotists show…this jump was the first thing Sean did to demonstrate what Scott ended up doing on stage that night….It was HILARIOUS! As you can see, the only person who knew what was coming was Scott….the rest of the bridal party was in shock for that first jump!



Kristen and Scott cut their cake to Mambo Italiano…Kristen was dancing all around during the song/cutting…adorable!


The parent dances were also filled with laughter, spins, and heartfelt emotion…Kristen and Scott are very close with their families, and I have to say that they families raised fabulous kids!


A couple more parent dance pictures and two pictures of Kristen’s grandmother! Kristen’s grandmother was amazing! From the moment that she walked into the church, she was GLOWING with happiness and pride for Kristen and Scott. She actively participated in every moment of the wedding and she was hysterical! She danced the night away and was always by my side snapping away with her own camera. She even found me in the bathroom and snapped a picture of me washing my hands! She is full or energy!


Best man and maid-of-honor!


A collection of some party pictures…Notice how fabulous Kristen’s dress twirled!


Look at that lighting!!  A quick picture from outside that Sharon grabbed on her way out!


The final song of the night…


Everyone joined in towards the end of the song, and the cirle was much tighter for that final kiss! 


 Kristen and Scott…Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding! From the first day that I spoke to Kristen, I knew that you were going to have a fantastic wedding! It all came together beautifully….I wish you both the best and I am sure that I will see you again sometime (maybe even when you have your first little one!)!