Kari & Bill | Wedding at the Hyatt Boston Harbor & Columbus Park

On October 18th, I had the pleasure of photographing Kari and Bill’s wedding at the Hyatt Boston Harbor.  Although the day started there and ended there, we traveled a bit for the ceremony and some additional pictures in Columbus Park!

My day started with the ladies, and when I arrived, hair and make-up were just about done and the girls looked FABULOUS – every single one of them!!

As Kari was showing me the dress, she peeked out the window family and friends were waving at her! They must have spotted the dress and just happened to glance up at the second that she looked out!Kari and Bill’s style and vision for the day was pure elegance – it all came together beautifully! This is my favorite earring and purse combination that I have seen:)! Those earrings looked gorgeous on!Before scooting out to see Bill, we had to get a few pictures in the “robes”…these “robes” were different than anything I have seen in the last few years! Loved the look!Downstairs, Bill was finishing up getting ready before heading to the church…After spending just a bit of time with Bill, it was time to get the dress on and finish up Kari’s lip make-up!

Kari and Bill’s mothers came in:)! Two of the most fun and sweetest women that I have worked with!Kari is STUNNING…I had to NARROW down the amount of pictures I put into the preview, because I just wanted to show them all off!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and the best thing is that she is gorgeous inside and out!!After collecting our things (and flowers:), we headed out on the trolley to the church! The trolley was fantastic and kept the energy level up with fun loud music and even some disco lights! Kari remained standing the whole way and spent much of the time dancing:)!The guys were waiting on us at the church and as you can see, they don’t disappoint – a super fun group of handsome men rocking an awesome bow-tie look!! Fantastic!As the ceremony began I couldn’t believe the amount of cell phones out for pictures! This may be a record for me!! I always wonder what the isles will look like in 10 years….right now these iphones are a big sign of the times!Kari and Bill’s father’s are as awesome as their moms too! The best thing about the two families is that they are all friends!This church has a gorgeous brick walkway leading up the the doors – perfect for our exit:)!
Next up was a trolley ride to Columbus Park – it was on our way back to the Hyatt, and the pit stop was worth it! Look at this gorgeous group!! The greenery at Columbus Park truly tied the look together! It make these gorgeous dresses pop!These men are always joking:)!Joking again:)! That is Bill’s brother who decided to pop through:) He had been on the quieter side for most of the day, but I should have known here that he was going to give one of the best speeches that I have heard!After I lined up the whole group, I turned to go back to my spot and there was a rainbow!! I snapped the picture on the left quickly and didn’t even realize at the time that the Hyatt was in the photo!!!We wrapped up with some pictures of Kari and Bill alone before joining the group on the trolley!Back on the trolley, we headed to the Hyatt – one of the groomsmen shared a trick with us – super strong and I even made him do it again when we were out of the tunnel:)!
At the Hyatt we did a few more pictures with the city view of the bridal party….Then a few more of Kari and Bill:)!We wrapped up with our family photos before heading inside for cocktail and the reception!The room was set and awaiting their arrival!First dance ended with a dip:)The toasts and speeches spread throughout the first couple of courses and they were all phenomenal…There are so many photos from the speeches that are just fantastic – tons of laughter, some hysterical laughter and even a few tears…On the left is the cake cutting (obviously:) but on the right are Kari’s mother and her grandfather – so sweet:)!The partying started in between courses!! People were ready to dance, party and celebrate!Parent dances were both fantastic…and Bill’s ended with him and his mom bringing in his grandmother – who had a ball:)!!After the parent dances, the party was truly in full-swing and let me tell you that the dance floor was PACKED for the entire night:)! These people were ready to celebrate (and the band led the way:)!Can you guess what is happening here….?If you guessed “Shout”…you were right:)!We had talked about sneaking outside for some night shots, but when the time became available, the party was in full swing and there was no way Kari and Bill wanted to miss out on that:)!!  Instead, I stopped out back and got them a city view just to remember what the city looked like on THEIR night:)!

Kari and Bill – thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your day! You two are just fantastic people and I can easily see where that comes from based on your families and the friends that you surround yourself with! I wish you both the best and I truly hope we get to see each other again in the future:)! Best wishes!!

Vendor Info

bridesmaid dresses | dessy

hair | Nancy Walsh & Julia -Avanti salon

make-up | Torrie Arquette – Dollface

florist | Flou(-e)r

ceremony | St. Leonards Parish

reception venue | Hyatt Boston Harbor

cake | konditor meister

Band | groove authority


 introductions | signed, sealed, delivered by Stevie Wonder

first dance | that’s how strong my love is by Otis Redding

father/daughter | last resort by the Eagles

mother/son | fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra

cake cutting |  stand by me by Ben King

last dance | should I stay or should I go by Clash

Bride/Groom Questions

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

 It’s hard to pick just one! We both loved the speeches by the best man and maid of honor

What was your favorite detail?

 Again, so hard to pick just one! I loved seeing the room come together after envisioning it for months. The city skyline was not bad either!

 Any advice for future brides/grooms?

 Bill was a huge help in the planning process so I would say try to plan together as much as possible, it makes seeing everything come together that much more rewarding. Most importantly, have fun and don’t stress!

 Funniest memory from your wedding day?

 Again, probably the speeches but there were so many laughs that day

 If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Nothing! Everything was absolutely perfect

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Key West then Aruba